Assault and Battery Bail Bonds

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Assault, Battery & Affray

There are two main categories of assault under North Carolina law: simple assault and assault with a deadly weapon. Simple assault is a misdemeanor offense and assault with a deadly weapon is a felony.

Simple Assaults are generally charged as Class 2 misdemeanors, and the victim suffers relatively minor injuries as a result of the assault. When more significant injuries occur to the victim, courts often impose more severe punishments and higher bail amounts. Additionally, the presence of a weapon during the commission of an assault is usually grounds for a judge to increase penalties. Moreover, there are certain protected persons that if you assault, your charge is elevated from a simple assault to a Class A1 misdemeanor.

Protected Persons:

  • School employees or volunteers on school grounds or while transporting students to or from an event
  • Sports officials (any organized sporting event – Little League through professional leagues)
  • State employees or officers (only if the assault takes place during official state activities)
  • Women (if the defendant is a male over the age of 18) and children younger than 12

Domestic Violence & Sexual Battery

Domestic violence is considered to occur when an assault and battery with a deadly weapon or an assault and battery causing serious injury is committed by a defendant against someone they have a personal relationship with while a minor is present. The defendant must also be responsible for the care of the minor who observed the assault and battery or must also have a relationship with the minor such as being the minor’s parent.

Sexual battery is any physical contact made with a sexual purpose acted out by force or against the will of the victim. You can be charged with sexual assault if the victim was physically helpless, mentally disabled, or otherwise incapacitated when the defendant knew or should have been aware of the victim’s disabled status.

Assault with A Deadly Weapon

Assault with a deadly weapon is a more serious offense than simple assault and is charged as a felony instead of a misdemeanor. Assaults that occur with the use of a deadly weapon that results in serious injury or was committed with the intent to kill, or both, are felonious assaults. A deadly weapon can be anything that is used to kill someone. Guns, knives, and blunt objects are typical examples of a deadly weapon. However, anything that is used in an attempt to kill may be considered a deadly weapon under North Carolina law.

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