Bail Bonds FAQs

man in handcuffs, bail bonds faqsAfter an arrest, you may find yourself asking a few questions, such as: “What do I do to help my loved one who has been arrested,” or, “How do I obtain a bail bond?” At Collins Bail Bonding, we want to help you through this trying time and provide you the answers you need to get your loved one home as quickly as possible. We have made securing a bondsman quick and easy! We firmly believe that bad things happen to good people, and we want to help you help them. This is why we have provided a few Raleigh, NC bail bonds FAQs to help you get started on the bail bonds process.

To begin, there is just a little information we need, so please be ready to provide:

  • The name of the person arrested
  • Their charges
  • Town/city or county of the arrest

In most cases, the defendant (person arrested) will need a co-signer (also known as an indemnitor) to post bond. The co-signer/Indemnitor is a responsible adult over the age of 21, usually a friend or family member of the defendant, and willing to cooperate with our professional staff to guarantee the defendant appears in court.

Therefore, we will need some information about you:

  • How long have you been at your present job?
  • How long have you lived in your current place of residence?
  • What is your relation to the person in jail?

This gives us a good understanding of you, the potential signer for the defendant in jail. Sometimes we may ask for collateral depending upon the bond amount, the security risk of the defendant, and the financial strength of the signer. It’s really very simple. Remember: bailing people out of jail is all we do!

FACT: A bondsman guarantees to the court that the person will appear to face his or her charge.

About Collins Bail Bonding

We are located about one block away from the Wake County Detention Facility, which allows us to post you bail bond faster than anyone else. We are available 24/7 to post bond because we know that you can be arrested at any time of day or night and that no one wants to spend more time in jail than they need to.

We are a bonding business built on Christian values and have been since 1974. This means that we have over 20 years of experience providing honest, compassionate, and prompt bail bonds services to those who need them most. Our commitment to building our business on a foundation of integrity has earned us a Better Business Bureau accreditation.

Get answers to your Raleigh, NC bail bonds FAQs by contacting us and speaking to one of our licensed bail agents today: (919) 205-5322.