Domestic Violence Bail

gavel, scales, law book, domestic violence bailDomestic violence is a complicated and sensitive issue that can have far-reaching and significant impacts on your life. Being charged with a domestic violence crime can leave you confused and vulnerable while you are sitting in jail. The first step towards relieving your stress during this trying time is to pick up the phone and call our fully licensed bail bondsmen at (919) 205-5322. Once we get your call, we can begin working on your bail bonds to get you out of jail and back home as soon as possible. The sooner you call us, the sooner we will be able to post bond for you or your loved one. We know that domestic violence is a sensitive issue, which is why we provide confidential domestic violence bail in Raleigh, NC and all of Wake County.

Domestic Violence Bail Bonds & The 48 Hour Rule

When someone is charged with a crime of domestic violence in North Carolina, there is a 48-hour period where a judge is given the authority to set your bail rather than a magistrate. If bail hasn’t been set at the end of the 48-hour period, the authority to set bail is moved to a magistrate.

For instance, judges are typically unavailable on the weekends, so someone arrested on a Friday would have to wait out the 48-hour period until a magistrate could set their bail on Sunday. Remember: there is no hold placed on the defendant for any reason other than the availability of a judge. If court is in session, and a judge is present, the defendant should be taken before a judge to determine bail.

Conditions For Pretrial Release

If the judge determines that the defendant will return to trial and is not a risk to himself or others, the judge can grant the defendant’s release. Judges can also impose several additional conditions to a defendant’s release in cases involving domestic violence.

Additional Pretrial Release Conditions:

  • The defendant stays away from the home, school or business of the alleged victim
  • The defendant must not assault, molest, beat or wound the alleged victim
  • The defendant cannot remove or damage specifically identified property
  • The defendant may visit his children at specified times and places provided by the judge

If you need domestic violence bail in Raleigh, NC, call us now at (919) 205-5322! There is no one closer to the jail than us, meaning there is no one who can bail you out faster.