Federal Bail Bonds

gavel, scales of justice, federal bail bondsWhile federal and state bail bonds share many similarities, they also are somewhat different from one another. You will need to trust a licensed and experienced federal bail bondsman to get you out of jail as quickly as possible. There are several nuanced differences between state and federal bail bonds that require the expertise of a professional. With over 20 years of experience helping people make bail and get home to their families, you can be sure that Collins Bail Bonding offers courteous, discreet, and prompt bail services with integrity. Get your federal bail bonds in Raleigh, NC from us, and get out of jail now! Call to learn more: (919) 205-5322.

Federal Bail Notes

A Federal Judge Sets Federal Bail Amounts

The federal bail process varies from the states in a few ways. However, just like at the state level, a judge will set your bail amount. Once your bail is set by the judge, we can post bond for you and bail you out. Typically, federal bail is set higher than state bail.

Increased Bonding Fees

Federal bail is frequently set higher than in state courts. Additionally, the federal bail bonds process requires a few extra steps that need to be managed by an experienced professional. Many times, bail set in federal courts can reach the hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, you shouldn’t worry – our specialty is posting large bonds fast.

Executing federal bail bonds can also be riskier for the bail agent, who may charge you a higher premium for to post a federal bond. We know that not everyone has access to the necessary liquid funds to pay all at once. This is why we accept collateral, and you may want to consider the items you may be able to leave with us as collateral.

First Appearance & Nebbia Hearings

Frequently, defendants in state-level cases can be granted bail without ever seeing a judge because of their implementation of bail schedules. However, a defendant charged with a federal offense will almost never be granted bail without appearing before a judge. The hearing where bail is determined in a federal case is called a first appearance hearing.

Depending on the judge presiding over your trial and the nature of your offense, a federal judge can choose to include a Nebbia Hearing as part of your bail proceedings. Nebbia Hearings are used to show the court that the money you are using for bail did not come from illegal activity. If the judge believes that the money being used to bail out a defendant is the product of the illegal activity, the judge will deny bail, and you will remain in jail until your trial.

If you have any questions about making federal bail in Raleigh, NC, call Collins Bail Bonding at (919) 205-5322. We are more than happy to answer all of your questions and get you out of jail today.