Weapons Violation Bail

a handgun and bullets, Weapons Violation BailBeing charged with a weapons violation can be a startling experience, which is why our honest and compassionate bail bondsmen will work with you and your loved ones to ease your anxiety during this stressful time. Remember: the longer you wait to call us at (919) 205-5322, the longer you or a loved one will sit in a jail cell. There are a wide variety of crimes that a North Carolina resident can be charged with in relation to the unlawful possession of a weapon. Several factors, such as the defendant’s criminal history and the nature of the crime they stand charged with, help a judge determine how high to set bail. Call Collins Bail Bonding and one of our bail agents will help you make your weapons violation bail in Raleigh, NC.

Weapons Violations Explained

The second amendment to the United States Constitution and Section 30 of the North Carolina State Constitution protect a citizen’s right to bear arms. However, there are limitations on who may carry a gun and where you may carry a gun. For instance, North Carolina requires you to carry a permit to carry a concealed handgun on you or in your vehicle while not on your property. However, you are permitted to carry guns openly without a state-issued license.

Who May Carry a Gun?

There are restrictions on who may carry a firearm that can affect your legal status and can compound existing criminal charges. For instance, several people not prohibited to legally possess a gun, openly or concealed in North Carolina include:

  • The adjudicated mentally ill
  • Convicted felons and those indicted on felony charges
  • Citizens under the age of 21
  • A defendant that has been released on bail
  • Someone addicted to drugs and/or alcohol
  • Fugitives
  • Non-United States citizens
  • Military personnel discharged without an honorable discharge
  • Someone with a DUI conviction within three years of their application for a CHL
  • Someone under a domestic violence restraining order may not possess a gun or ammunition as long as the order is in effect

When Is Carrying a Gun illegal?

There are a few instances where carrying a gun is illegal, even with the properly issued licenses. The only exception to these laws is active duty and retired law enforcement officers.

  • Carrying a concealed weapon without a concealed carry permit (except on your property)
  • Guns are not allowed at schools or educational institutions
  • Weapons are disallowed from establishments where alcohol is sold
  • Certain state property is considered a gun free zone such a courthouses
  • Firearms are not allowed at demonstrations such as parades, picket lines & funeral processions
  • Weapons may not be carried during riots, civil disorder and other disturbances involving three or more people

Depending on the exact circumstances of the crime you stand accused of committing, you may be charged with either a felony or misdemeanor. We are not licensed legal representation, and we recommend that you seek a local attorney to provide you counsel regarding your case. However, if you want to be released on weapons violation bail in Raleigh, NC, call us at (919) 205-5322 to get home now,