Durham Bail Bonds

Durham downtown skyline, Durham bail bondsAt Collins Bail Bonding Company, we offer fast, discreet bail bonds service for all jails and court systems throughout North Carolina. In fact, we are also able to post bail bonds throughout the United States. Whatever your need may be, you can count on the professionals at Collins Bail Bonding Service. We are available 24/7, 365 days a year. We employ licensed bail agents who are up to date on all court and jail regulations to handle all our clients’ needs. Call us at (919) 205-5322 for Durham bail bonds, and make bail now.

Types of Bail Bonds Offered

How the Process Works

Bail bonds have a specific structure. Up to 15% of the full amount of the bond is charged to the client, which is the person posting bail. Payment of the fee is accepted by credit card, cash, check, or cash. If necessary, Collins Bail Bonding Company can make special payment arrangements with the client for the fee. Note: Collateral is not always required.

For more information on your specific circumstances, please call our licensed bail bond agents serving Durham, NC at (919) 205-5322.

Important Considerations

During this stressful time, it is important to be realistic about your ability to pay. Remember you are potentially taking on the responsibility of the full bail amount. Also, it is critical to be realistic about your ability to get the bonded individual to court at the designated time. Remember: by posting bail, you accept full financial responsibility for the bail amount if the bonded individual does not show.

We specialize in making fast bail bonds happen in Durham, Raleigh, and throughout North Carolina. We have the ability to post bonds anywhere in the country if necessary. Our licensed bail bond agents will help to create the bail bond option that works for you!

For a free consultation, call the professionals at Collins Bail Bonding Company at (919) 205-5322. We are here for you 24/7, 365 days a year for all your bail bond needs.

We are located at 3309 1/2 Garner Rd, Raleigh, NC 27603. This means that we are conveniently about one block away from the Wake County Detention Facility. Call us now for Durham bail bonds, and get out of jail!