Wake County Jail

wake county jail

There are two jail locations maintained by the Wake County Sheriff’s Department: the Wake County Detention Facility and the John H. Baker, Jr. Public Safety Center. Every person that is arrested in the county, regardless of the arresting law enforcement agency, is transported to the Wake County Detention Facility, where they will learn if they will stay at Wake County Jail in Raleigh or be moved to the public safety center.

Once at the detention facility, the arrested are booked and processed. After this process is complete, inmates will receive the opportunity to make bail after their bail is set by a magistrate. Roughly one-third of the inmates at the Wake County Jail make bail immediately or are given conditions by a magistrate that allow for their release until their trial.

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Wake County Detention Policies

There are a few policies that are unique to the Wake County Jail locations:

  • Coffee is not made available to inmates during their stay
  • Inmates are not permitted to smoke, and no tobacco products are authorized in the jails
  • Inmates¬†may exercise inside and outside their cells though no equipment is provided by the Sheriff’s Department
  • Inmates serving jail sentences are given jobs working in housekeeping and maintenance within the jails
  • Inmates are fed meals that meet the dietary requirements set forth by the state of North Carolina three times daily (pork is never served to make religious accommodations)
  • 24/7 medical staff availability

If you need assistance finding an inmate, you can visit the Wake County Sheriff’s Inmate Inquiry page here.

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